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#49. Romans 6:16-18 - You're Always Obeying Something (Conciliation Series, Part XVI)

  Part IV: God’s Conciliation, Confirmed Are you not aware that to whom you are presenting yourselves as slaves for obedience, his slaves you are, whom you are obeying, whether of Sin for death, or of Obedience for righteousness? Well! That sounds simple enough, right? Nothing super controversial here. So evident, in fact, that there’s a borderline sarcasm in “Are you not aware?” Literally, if you serve Obedience, your disposition will match. If you serve Sin, your disposition will match. As I said in my last article, this is a tougher passage for many in Christ to study without hiccup, because us dispensationalists will go, “Oh, ‘obedience’ correlates with ‘law!’” And start trying to make excuses or explain the verse away. But if Paul were referring to the law with “Obedience,” then He would have contrasted Obedience with righteousness, as one cannot be righteous in flesh through law (Rom. 3:20.) What Paul says here is simply true; if you’re saying “I’m under grace!” and simultaneou

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